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发布日期:2022-12-23 09:51:17

Student-led assemblies have always been one of our characteristics of our SUIS JKEMW, which strives to cultivate talents, develop strong leadership skills, communication and confidence.


From planning the assembly, to directing, writing scripts, hosting, filming and more, the students themselves are in charge of the whole procedure. It is therefore a platform for students to showcase and grow.

从集会的策划设计,导演, 台词的编写, 现场主持,拍摄,等等都是由学生自己担任。因此,这是学生展现的舞台和成长的平台。

In each assembly, we have different role for students who take part in. For instance, we have junior photographers, who would catch every special moment, and we have the stage manager, who is in charge of the positioning on stage. The audience, whether they are teachers or students, always give their biggest round of applause when they see their classmates performing or receiving awards. In every assembly I can say, every participant enjoyed themselves during the process. This enjoyment came not only from the high level of participation, but also from a heartfelt sense of pride.

入场时,同学们会对着拿相机的摄影师同学自然地摆pose, 还不忘提醒要把自己拍美一点;领奖时stage manager 会很恰当地把在台上有些紧张的同学带到最佳站位点;台下的观众,无论老师或同学在看到自己的同学、朋友在表演或领奖时都不免因关注而屏息凝神,因激动而掌声如雷。不得不说在进入报告厅参加集会时,同学们脸上闪耀着光彩,这光彩来自于强烈的新鲜感,来自于高度的参与感,还来自于发自内心的自豪感!

Each assembly consists of four major elements, which are flag raising ceremony, student MC, class show and awards.


Part 01升旗仪式

As an important component of an assembly, the flag raising ceremony help students develop a sense of belonging to the country. When the fervent national anthem began to play, everyone instantly stood up, saluted, and watched the rising national flag to sing heartily about our great motherland, including foreign teachers, who also pay their respect to the Chinese National Flag.  


Part 02 学生主持

Student MC

This semester, a brand new organization was born in the SUIS JKEMW , where students get the chance to conduct the assembly planning like a teacher would have done. The assemblies hosted this semester belong completely to our students, from the very basic planning, to the grand production in the auditorium. Of course, talented MCs are a vital part to a wonderful assembly.


They are in charge of hosting this semester's assemblies and stand out from everyone else by being confident and courageous to speak in front of the audience as well as speaking calmly but vividly in front of the audience. Indeed they must have the wonderful ability to set a positive atmosphere for the audiences and making sure the assemblies are never boring. These wonderful MCs demonstrate our 4C virtues by being calm yet confident on stage, creative with writing the scripts, and caring in their daily lives! So far, our assemblies have been a success. Through the assemblies, our students have equipped themselves with the necessary skills in life. We are looking forward to even better assemblies in the upcoming new year!


Part 03班级演出

Class Show

Our assemblies had a theme each time, and students in a certain class prepared a performance around this theme. They can complete this performance in various forms such as debates, dramas, or speeches. They all paid lots of attention on rehearsals and there was no one who did not take it seriously. When they perform, it's even more attentive and not flustered at all. The audience observing was silent, immersing themselves in the world of wonderful performance.   


Part 03颁奖典礼

Award Ceremony

In this special semester, lots of awards have been given to our hard-working students. Many award certificates haven’t been able to be successfully delivered to students because of the lockdown, but fortunately in this semester,  they can finally rest in their rightful owners’ hands.


Reading Awards

We had English reading awards, which celebrate students who had achievement in reading. Our wonderful English stars were happy to go on the stage and receive the rewards that they certainly deserve!


Science Fair Awards 

Our young scientists have earned their awards by doing processional experiments during the online learning in last semester. We can easily see their happy faces when they were receiving their certificates from Mr. Iqbal!


Student Council Speech

Our student council members also went up stage to receive their pins. The head boy and head girl of student council gave wonderful speeches about themselves and how they will serve the campus while each grade’s representatives also talked about how they will contribute to our campus.  


Chinese Debating Awards

Our Chinese Debating Team also did very well in the Junior School Debating Competition this term, with each of our young debaters proudly receiving their trophies!


In addition to subject awards, we also present special awards according to our school's ethos, 4Cs to encourage students to become confident, calm, caring and creative individuals. Let's congratulate each and every one of our students who received their long-awaited awards!


Finally, we wish all the students in our SUIS JKEMW have grew in encouragement and progressed in a proactive learning environment through our assemblies this semester.






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