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发布日期:2023-05-02 20:36:14

Dulwich International High School Suzhou Present




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Rachel Z (12年级)



Roey H(10年级)



Dulwich International High School Suzhou Present

Dulwich DragonFilm Award

It’s unbelievable that we could finally hold an offline event in the school on 20th April – 1st Dulwich Dragon Film Award Ceremony 2022-23. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, all major school events and activities were put on hold for three years! This event was traditionally known as Video Challenge Night and this year we have decided to give it a formal touch and was renamed to Dulwich Dragon Film Award Ceremony. Students from across year groups dressed up formally and took their ‘red-carpet shoots’ before the start of the ceremony.

This is an amazing event because it provides a platform for students to showcase their talent and passion outside the classroom. In the process of making their own films, students must build on their other soft skills ranging from organisation, leadership, communication to problem-solving skills. These skills will be very important for their future endeavours.

The students were put under tremendous challenges this year because when the Covid restrictions were relaxed in December 2022, many students were infected and fell sick. Later, some were caught by influenza! There were teams that gave up because they could not complete their films. Others persevered and finally submitted their films.

They have shown exceptional level of resilience and made us very proud! It was also particularly touching to see how some students who are finding challenges in other areas of school and life to have a platform to be confident, successful, and to have memorable moment that they can be very proud of. It helps to grow our students into passionate young persons when they graduate from our high school.

A massive thanks to all the award presenting teachers who spent time preparing for lovely and humorous speeches when presenting the awards to the winners. The audience love it and we could hear so much laughter and cheering from the crowd! Special thanks to the school’s marketing, operation, and IT departments as well as the performers who spent time preparing wonderful performances for the evening.

Finally, thank you very much to Year 13 and Y12 Video Challenge student leadership team who put up a fantastic show for everyone! Last but not least, the audience was incredible! Without the audience, this event wouldn’t have taken place in the first place! 

“This experience was truly incredible! I couldn’t believe that I was given the chance to be the host of such a special event in the school that involved many teachers and students. I felt so nervous (but excited) before I went on the stage.

I enjoyed the light on the stage because I could draw everyone’s attention to the show, listened to everyone's applause and cheering, and enjoyed the ability of driving the atmosphere! Although it was quite a challenge in the beginning including writing the script, practicing and rehearsing, we still had a lot of fun! Both Allen and I worked so hard in order to give our best to the audience! I feel that this will be one of the most unforgettable experiences  of mine in my high school years!”

Roey H (Y10)

Team leader

“This was my first experience participating in a video challenge. I was very excited and happy that my team won the Best Trailer Award. Although we stopped filming for a few months due to the spread of Covid-19 in December where majority of us fell sick, in the end we all persevered and finished the work! I owe this award to my teammates for their hard work and cooperation! Thank you so much to everyone on the team. We certainly are looking forward to the next video challenge!”





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