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Deputy director of Primary School Department

<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访


Song Liang officially joined Xiehe group in 2007, moving to Wanyuan Xiehe primary school department in 2012 and then on to Qingpu campus in 2021. She has been a part of Xiehe schools management structure since 2015.


he second prize in the national Longman teaching competition


Second prize of Shanghai private school English teaching competition


First prize of Shanghai primary school English classroom teaching, teacher development observation and discussion activity Teaching evaluation


She has participated in numerous research projects, such as major projects at the city level in Shanghai.《Student development needs assessment based on evidence》,《 Research and design of students' English Learning Planning Based on nine-year consistent Bilingual School》



<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访

Hello, students, parents and colleagues,I'm Miss Song Liang, deputy director of the primary school department. I'm honored to be featured as the focus of this issue of Gardener's Portrait. I grew up gradually under the cultivation of Xiehe.

The concept of "Unity in Diversity, Success through Collaboration" gives me the opportunity to be more bold when I was a newly-qualified teacher. As long as I "teach carefully", I can develop in my own pedagogies and practice。This is something very precious for a young person with "educational ideals". More than ten years have passed. In this hot land, I have witnessed my growth within this wonderful organization. With Xiehe's trust and confidence in me, I hope to raise the flag of "educational ideals" with more teachers. We always believe in norms that everything is "student-oriented" and "caring is the heart of education".

<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访
小学部主任 刘桂香 Helen




Song Liang and I are colleagues and partners for many years. We used to teach a class together -she taught English and I taught Chinese. At that time, as a head teacher, I often sat in the classroom listening to her class and was always magnetically drawn to her teaching. Miss Song is a beautiful teacher. The beauty here is not only because of her elegant appearance, but also because her classroom is always charming. She carefully cultivates a lively and interesting classroom, pays attention to the children's English language literacy, and lets the children devote themselves to the English learning course. Miss Song is a wise teacher. She has exercised her excellent bilingual communication skills in her long-term English teaching and research work.

Her work as a grade leader and discipline leader has cultivated her excellent coordination and cooperation ability. In the long-term cooperation between Chinese and foreign teachers in Xiehe, Mr. Song's ability to understand and integrate Chinese and Western cultures is also improving. She is a teacher with excellent professional quality and strong interdisciplinary and cross-cultural comprehensive ability.

<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访

This year, Miss Song joined Xiehe Qingpu as a new director of moral education in the primary school department, and ushered in new challenges。Facing the fatiguing and complicated work every day, she can always be relied upon to calmly cooperate with Chinese and foreign teachers. She loves children so much and focuses on students’ healthy growth , She always devotes herself to all activities of the school with wisdom, patience and enthusiasm .

<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访

ELA Coodinator Ms.Louise

Michelle Song

I have found it a perfect delight to work with Michelle.  Her people management skills are exceptional.  She is releasing of talent and encouraging of those who are struggling.  She is very organized and as a result, communication is clear and the expectations are also clear and manageable.  Michelle is always open to negotiating conditions and terms without giving way on the overall vision.  She is very approachable and pleasant to talk to.  She is energic and has a calming presence.  Her ‘can do’ attitude allows her to take the team forward into new areas exploring possibilities.  She is not frighted by failure but sees it as a springboard for improvement.  My team has greatly benefitted from her leadership and are looking forward to continuing the journey in the future. 


<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访

三年级英语组备课组长 汪茜 Vicky 



<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访
Ms Song in my eyes is an "expert in education", No matter how busy she is, she is still full of passion for front-line teaching. Whenever she talks about teaching, she always has inexhaustible energy. Ms. Song is both a good teacher and a good friend in my heart。She always keeps a bright smile and always brings peace of mind and warmth to the people around her. She can resonate with us and give us spiritual comfort. You once said a good team will make everyone happy. I want to say we will be happy  because of you.

<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专

二年级年级组长 高园生 Summer老师



"In life, there is always unexpected warmth and endless hope." If I use three key words to describe Mr. Song, it must be "charming", "professional" and "efficient". The first time I saw her was attracted by Miss Song's professional guiding charm. In the process of interdisciplinary learning with her, she always answers all the questions of my non-English teacher in time, which makes me feel the interlinkage between disciplines. Miss Song will carefully consider the confusion you may encounter in the work of the head teacher, give you active guidance and help, and help you solve problems efficiently.

<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访

音乐老师 谢海慧 Mia老师

专业与严谨是宋老师给我留下的第一印象。宋老师在领导工作中是一位善于发现老师长处与优点的领导。在本次以宋老师领导的, 在少代会的筹备工作中,从上到下的工作安排都非常清楚合理,对于第一次接触的我来说,宋老师给了我足够的支持与信任。在每次的工作交流中,她总是给我们一种温暖的力量,给予我们肯定和帮助。平时看她忙碌在校园里的各个角落,但是总能依然保持乐观积极向上的工作状态。

Professionalism and passion are the two qualities I would use to describe Ms Song in her professional capacity. Miss. Song is a leader who is good at discovering the strengths and advantages of teachers in her leadership work. In the preparatory work for the Youth Congress, the work arrangement from top to bottom was clear and reasonable. In the process of each work exchange, she always gives us encouraging strength, affirmation and help. She is often busy in every corner of the campus, nevertheless she can always maintain an optimistic and positive working state.

<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访

more colors

<a href=https://school.net/school/509.shtml target=_blank class=infotextkey>上海青浦区协和双语学校</a>小学部副主任宋靓专访





中文撰稿:刘桂香 宋靓  高园生 汪茜 谢海慧




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