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Huijia Primary School



Established in 1993, Beijing Huijia Private School is an IB World School serving students from kindergarten through Grade 12 utilizing the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum models. The school has gained a reputation for always being at the forefront of educational thought while utilizing the best teaching practices from both Chinese and Western educational philosophy.

Beijing Huijia Private School Primary seeks to offer educational opportunities to all eligible students who identify with the school’s mission and philosophy. Huijia can enroll both Chinese students and students with foreign passports. Students can choose to board or be in day school.



Our Vision and Mission





Beijing Huijia Private School is a bi-lingual and bi-cultural school aiming to provide a safe and caring environment in order to help each child reach their own potential.

We provide a differentiated and comprehensive curriculum focusing on the development of students’ physical, social and emotional well-being. Our curriculum nurtures the spirit of inquiry by fostering intellectual curiosity, developing research skills and the ability to think critically, analytically and creatively.

We apply the concept of “Future School”, which utilizes advanced educational facilities and learning resources so students can excel.

The school's team of highly trained teachers and administrators inspire and motivate every student to become international-minded citizens and life-long learners.


The Primary Years Program (PYP) Curriculum

汇佳学校小学部提供国际文凭组织(IB)授权的小学PYP项目。 该项目为小学课程提供了一个全面的国际课程框架。PYP规定了六个具有深远意义的超学科主题,所有课程都围绕这些探究主题教授,帮助学生建立学科与学科间的关联。各个主题探究单元为孩子们提供了实践创新的机会,孩子们在探究中熟练掌握知识,掌握了作为终身学习者所需要的思考能力、创造力,批判思维与合作精神。



The International Baccalaureate Organization(IB)PYP program provides a comprehensive curriculum framework for teaching and learning. The program defines six transdisciplinary themes that identify areas of shared human experience and has meaning for individuals from different cultures. Our written curriculum has been designed in accordance to this framework, aligning with the Chinese National Curriculum. We also integrated Ontario curriculum into our language, art, PE, math, science and social study curriculum to ensure the rigor in those learning areas. Through each unit of inquiry, students will inquire, make connections, develop conceptual understanding, think critically, work collaboratively, consider multiple perspectives, construct meaning and take responsibility for our actions.

Inquiry, as the leading pedagogical approach of the PYP, is used as the dominant methodology to involve students in their own learning and to be responsible for their own learning. Inquiry allows each student to develop their understanding of the world at their own pace.


Our Bilingual Approach of Teaching and Learning





We develop rigorous curriculum to create a bilingual learning experience for our children. There are 3 bilingual models we are using now.

Immersion model

Foreign Language Support in the classroom

Learning English as an Additional Language


Our Co-curriculum activities



We believe co-curriculum activities are the key to develop children’s motivation and passion for learning. Huijia Primary School offers diversity of co-curricula activities such as Piano, Instrument,Magic, Swimming, Golf, Equestrian, Dancing, Pottery, Calligraphy, and Technology & Enterprise (T&E)  to meet all children’s needs.




Class placement is based on students’ age and educational background. When students end their grade 2 and grade 4 years, they will be remixed into new homerooms as they enter into grade 3 and grade 5. 


Our Student


Primary school recruits students from around the world every year. There are 10 classes in Grade 1,and 20 students in each class。Under certain circumstances we will accept enrollments midyear at the start of Semester 2. Students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan are Welcome and will be accommodated in the same classes as domestic students.


English Learning Support


We strive to help students reach their full potential in a caring and inclusive environment. Certain subjects are delivered in English. Based on their assessed English ability, students may be offered extra help.


Boarding Life


Dormitories are designed to create a welcoming atmosphere. The accommodation for students is arranged in units, which is supervised by a “Dorm Mother”.  Boarding life is an opportunity for children to live with their peers and to develop their social and communicational skills.


Food Services


The school provides a wide range of food options from various outlets within the school. Teachers will guide students to choose proper food to provide the adequate nutrition they need. Most of the vegetables and meat are from our Organic School Farm. Our food goes through a very strict testing process before use.


Health Care


The purpose of Health center is to provide a safe environment for all children and build their habit to live a healthy life. The center provides three key services to students and staff: center provides three key services to students and staff:

A comprehensive Pediatric Dental Clinic, 

A Medical Clinic providing basic medical evaluation and treatment services

A food-safety laboratory to examine and ensure the safety of raw food products. 






The school provides school bus. Every vechicle is chaperoned with a teacher. For specific shuttle points see day students and borders shuttle-specific location. 

For Boarders: School bus leaves school at 13:30 every Friday and comes back to school at 19:00 every Sunday.

For Day school Students:

Commuting Shuttle Hours: Daily 8:00 bus arrives school. Bus leaves school 17:00. The transportation fee will be charged. 


Find us


Take Freeway G6 north (known previously as Ba Da Ling Freeway). Exit at Bai Fu Quan Road #28 and drive along the side road. Turn right at the first traffic light and continue east. At the third traffic light turn right and continue south to the Jing Mi anal traffic light. Turn left and continue east one quarter mile to the school which is located on the left.